"Computer Hacker - What They Do and Who is They Targets?"

Computer hacker is programming code jockeys that can throw together bits of miraculous pieces of programming seemingly at will. They are computer gurus that know programming very well. People who modify computer and other pieces of electronic hardware are also sometimes called hackers.

Hackers or sometime called crackers are usually highly intelligent social misfits who tend to have a strong curiosity and often develop their own break-in mechanisms to gain access to other computers. They see the Internet as a playground and they tend to believe information should be free.

However, many are simply teenagers who have access to publicly available hacking tools that can be downloaded easily from the Internet.

What damage can hackers do?

Computer hacker likes to subvert computer security without permission. They are cyber criminals. This can mean gaining access to a computer across the Internet for illicit purposes. They might engage in any of the following activities:

  • Personal identity theft - Electronic theft of personal information that can be used to steal financial resources from an individual or corporation.
  • Theft - Gaining access to intellectual or proprietary technology or information, sometimes for resale.
  • Hijacking - Many of the financially motivated hackers are interested in using viruses and Trojan horses to hijack your computer so they can remotely control it for their own purposes.
  • Vandalism - Destruction or digital defacement of a computer or its data for destruction's sake. Sometimes this is ego-driven. They break in and leave their mark to show they've been there.
  • Hacktivism - A form of vandalism or electronic civil disobedience with a political agenda. Usually hacktivists have altruistic motives.

Who are the hacker targets?

Computer hacker interests lie in many types of computers that connected to the Internet such as:

1) Personal Computers

A hacker can gain control of a computer by planting a program on it, usually by using a virus or Trojan horse. Sometime, the hackers also interested in getting their code onto personal computers so they can be turned into spam machines.

2) Web Servers

Web servers are computers that contain websites (hosting other people websites). Web servers are usually targets for vandals because they can be defaced to display information the hacker chooses to the public.

3) Corporate Computers

Corporate computers include computers in government agencies, listed company as well as either profit or non-profit organizations. Normally, all the computer is connected with network and firewall installed, it's not easy to hack into this kind of organizations.

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