"Don't Know How to Access Internet? The Following Are Your Solution!"

If someone ask you - how to access Internet - Do you know it?

Well, before we really go to access the Internet, it's important for you to know the hardware and software requirements for setting up the Internet connections. Following are the 4 minimum requirements that you should have to get you access to the Internet.

Once you get all the things ready, you still need to do little configurations on your computer operating system, and we will focus on the Windows system setup. So, follow the following guide closely.

Requirements to access the Internet (for standalone PC)

(1) PC with Modem driver installed or other similar device setup

(2) Fixed Telephone line

(3) Register with local ISP (Internet account)

(4) Web browser

Before you can use the Internet, you need to set up access to it. Windows XP includes a wizard that walks you through this otherwise tricky setup process. You need to be ready with the information you get from your ISP during registration.

To Setup New Connection Wizard

  • From the Start button, go to All Programs, Accessories and Communications and click on New Connection Wizard menu.
New connection wizard

  • From the New Connection Wizard dialog box displayed, click the Next button.
Network connection type dialog box

  • From the Network Connection Type dialog box, select Connect to the Internet option and click the Next button.

Preparing to setup connection

  • The options for selecting an ISP service included in the Connection Wizard are the following:

  • o Choose from a list of ISPs: If you choose this option, the wizard closes and a folder opens with links to Microsoft's MSN service and another page of preferred ISPs.
    o Set up my connection manually: If you select this option, then you should have already registered with an ISP and you have a username, password, and phone number given by the ISP.
    o Use the CD I got from an ISP: This option also closes the wizard and instructs you to simply insert the ISP CD to continue setup.
  • Choose Set up my connection manually and click the Next button, you can select to setup a connection using a dial-up modem or using a broadband connection. Choose a suitable option depend to your account registered with ISP and click Next button.

Internet connection types

  • The next step lets you name the connection. It is a good idea to give each connection a unique name. This name shows up on the icon for the connection. Click Next button to continue.

Internet connection name

  • If you've selected to use a dial-up connection, the next page in the wizard lets you enter the ISP's connection phone number (please check with your local ISP).
  • If you've selected the broadband connections, then you come direct to this page to enter the account information you've received from the ISP. This includes the username and password used to log into the connection as provided by the ISP. Click Next to continue.

Internet connection information

  • This completes the wizard, and the final page shows a summary of the selected options. You can check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop option.

Complete connection wizard

  • Click Finish button to complete the setup. You can access the Internet by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop.

So, how to access Internet? You should be able to answer this question now. If not, please read this tutorial one more time.

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