"Do You Really Know How To Use Internet Explorer 8?"

Discovered! How to use Internet Explorer 8? You might already know that IE8 is a popular web browser from Microsoft that is built-in to Windows 7. There's no rule that says you must use that Web browser because you can use other web browsers such as Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, or others.

With a web browser, you can display web pages from all over the world, search the web for information, display web content, use links to move from one web page/site to another, download and play audio and video files, save and print text and graphics on web pages.

You can start Internet Explorer 8 using the Start menu or the button on the taskbar.

To start Internet Explorer

  • Click the Internet Explorer button, on the taskbar.
  • To start Internet Explorer without Add-ons, click the Start button, point to All Programs, click System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).
  • IE no add-on

  • If necessary, click Connect to dial your ISP. You might need to type your user name and password before Internet Explorer will connect to the Internet.

The Internet Explorer 8 Screen Elements

The following are the main elements of Internet Explorer 8:

Internet explorer 8 screen elements

The home page in Internet Explorer is the page that opens when you start the program. The default home page is the Microsoft Network (MSN) web site. If you want a different page to appear when you start Internet Explorer and whenever you click the Home button, you can change your home page. Here are the steps:

To change the home page

  • Start the Internet Explorer.
  • Open the web page or multiple web pages you want to be the new home page.
  • Click the Home button arrow, and then click Add or Change Home Page.
  • From the Add or Change Home Page dialog box displayed, select one of the options:
    Use this webpage as your only home page.
    Add this webpage to your home page tabs.
    Use the current tab set as your home page.
  • Click Yes.
  • To remove a web page as one of your home pages, click the Home button arrow, point to Remove, and then click the web page you want to remove, or click Remove All, and then click Yes to confirm.

To go to a web site

  • In the Address bar, type the Web address, and then press Enter.

To open a blank tab

  • Click the New Tab button, OR press Ctrl + T.

To open or close Quick Tabs

  • Click the Quick Tabs button, or press Ctrl + Q.
  • To open the web page, click a thumbnail.
  • " To close a web page, click the Close button.

To move between tab

  • " Click a tab, or press Ctrl + Tab.

To close a tab

  • Click the Close button on the tab, or press Ctrl + W.

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