"The Advantages of Online Backup Solutions Over Traditional Backups"

Online backup solutions help you to recover your important data from disaster. Your data is automatically stored offsite at a secure data center. Offsite storage provides you with disaster recovery with critical data should your computer be damaged or destroyed.

What is online backup?

Online backup is an automated solution that allows your computer (PCs, laptops and file servers) to backup and recover data securely online, store and share files, collaborate with others, and access data from a remote location.

Normally the online backup service provider automatically backs up computers data via a secure internet connection to their secure data centres.

How does online backup work?

Software from the service provider is installed on the PC to be backed up. This software helps you select which data is to be backed up, it then manages the connection to the internet and the encryption / compression of the data prior to transferring it to the secure data centres. It provides a simple method to view and restore backed up documents, as well as viewing log files to review backup activity.

Top 3 benefits of reliable online backup solutions

There is lots of company that provides online backup solutions. It's very important to choose a reliable online backup company to provide maximum benefits for you. It is often said that online backup is cheaper, better and faster than traditional backup solutions, is that true?

1) Why Cheaper?

  • No capital outlay, set up/license fees, payments on a monthly/yearly basis
  • Zero or very low running costs on your part
  • No staff needed for backup, recovery or hardware maintenance
  • No hardware to buy, upgrade and repair and no consumable media to worry about.

2) Why Better?

  • Daily automated backup provides complete, accurate and no hassle backups without user intervention
  • All files are readily available online for quick and easy retrieval 24/7 if you need to share files with co-workers, clients or home PCs
  • Multiple file versions are backed up, ensuring fine-grain protection
  • Instant recovery means less down-time and less lost productivity
  • Anywhere with internet connection to backed up files for those that travel
  • Works with file servers and individual PCs / Laptops
  • All backup files are securely encrypted at your computer before transmission and stored in that format to ensure the confidentiality of your data

3) Why Faster?

  • DIY job - Setup and installation is simple and complete within minutes of downloading the software.
  • Near instant recovery or just few clicks to recover the data
  • No need to wait the IT person to help you recover lost data
To receive the beneficial facility of online backup, you need to have an Internet connection to upload the files to a server and access the same files from any computer placed in any part of the world.

So, the online backup solutions are all about security, meaning your files will be stored on a server far away from the originals. This saves your data in case of theft and nature disasters, like house fire, flood, or earthquake.

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