"13 Solid Steps to Help You Setup Network (Hardware Setup)"

Here are the 13 easy steps to help you setup network either at home or small office.

Basically, you just need to install network adapter and its driver and connect the cable from each of the PC to a device called switch.

Tools needed to setup a network:

1) Network Interface Card or Integrated LAN Adapter - one for each PC
2) Network cables - one for each PC
3) Switch
4) Operating System - Windows

If your motherboard come with integrated LAN adapter (also called Ethernet connector or network port), you just need to install the adapter driver and connect the cable.

To determine whether you computer is integrated LAN adapter ready, check the back of your PC: You should see what looks like a very large phone connector jack. This is the Ethernet connector. If not, you must add-in a network adapter by following the steps below:

Setup Network - Install a PCI Network Interface Card (Network Adapter)

1. Open the PC chassis (covers) by removing a few screws and popping the cover off your tower.

2. Locate an empty slot for the PCI adapter (card) and if necessary remove the protective cover from it.

3. Remove the adapter from its packaging. Line it up with the slot and slowly insert (plug-in) the adapter firmly to the PCI slot. Make sure the adapter is fully inserted to the slot.

4. Most chassis required you to tighten a screw to screw up the adapter so it's firmly attached to the computer casing.

5. Make sure you don't disconnect any wires or leave any screws inside the PC chassis; then close back the computer cover and reinsert the screws.

6. Turn the computer on and your computer should detect the new adapter when it starts up.

7. Windows (XP or Vista) normally can automatically install the adapter driver for you.

8. If Windows can't find a driver for the adapter, it pop-up a dialog box and you might have to provide and install the driver manually. The driver CD is provided by the manufacturer and it normally comes together with the adapter.

9. When the process is complete, restart the computer and a pop-up appears stating that your hardware driver is installed and ready to use.

Setup Network - Connect a Network Cable to the PCs and Switch

10. Obtain a Cat 5 or Cat 5e Ethernet cable for every computer you will connect to the network.

11. Get a switch with enough ports for each computer you want to connect to the network.

12. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the switch and the other end into the network adapter that you installed in each of your PC (or integrated LAN adapter).

13. Turn on the switch or hub and then turn on the computers.

So far, we have setup the computer hardware successfully; you still need to do the software configurations. Follow the tutorial can help you setup network successfully.

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