"Setup Windows Vista: The Step-by-step Guide with Graphical Illustrations (Part 2)"

This is the part 2 of 'How to successfully setup Windows Vista?' series. If you missed the part 1, click here to get started.

This part will continue the installation steps to the completion of installing Windows Vista. Again, we are using Vista Ultimate edition to create this tutorial.

14. The computer will then automatically restart. When your PC restart it attempts to boot from DVD as its the first boot device. Do NOT press any key during the boot prompt (as in part 1 - step 3) so it will continue setup Windows Vista by booting from your hard drive.

Restarting Windows Vista

15. Now comes a long waiting period, where the installation process configures the system to complete the installations. So, be patient!

completing installation

16. After the long wait, the system will then restart (reboot) once again. You will think something went wrong because of the relative long time it take the system to display anything besides the black screen, but finally, after a few moments you will note a small colored circle.

Windows Vista reboot

Note: If you are using old CRT monitor, you may not seeing anything after the restart. This is due to the monitor H.V frequency over range. Try to change to LCD monitor to let you continue setup Windows Vista.

17. After installation process is complete you are presented with the Setup Windows dialog box as show below. You need to type a user name, password and a picture for your user account.

Note: Although the setup process will let you continue without entering a password, note that it is very advisable to enter a password here. Also pick your user's display picture (can be changed later). The account you create here is the Administrator account which is the main account for your Windows Vista that has all the privileges. Click Next button to continue.

choose user name

18. Choose a name for your computer. The setup program will create one based upon the username you chose in the previous step, but you can change it now (and later). Also pick a background for the user's desktop. This also can be changed later.

Choose computer name

19. Choose what sort of protection your computer gets to protect Windows automatically. Select "Use recommended settings" to continue. This setting is best for someone that doesn't plan to hide their computer behind a corporate firewall. If you plan to install a 3rd-party firewall later you can opt to be prompted later.

Windows protections

20. Review your time and date settings. Select your time zone, change the date and time settings if necessary and click Next button to continue.

Time and date settings

21. Next screen presents you to select your computers current location. You can choose between home, work, public location. Choose Home to continue. You will finally get a "Thank you" screen which confirms the end of the interactive installation process. This is not the end of the setup process. Click Start button to continue.

install vista thank you

22. Windows now checks the performance of your system. You will see a status bar at bottom which shows the progress. Once the process is complete you will be presented with the following few screens before you will be presented with welcome centre.

windows vista performance

23. The following are few screens that you will see before finishing setup Windows Vista:

install vista almost done

install vista welcome screen

install vista preparing desktop

install vista personalized settings

24. Finally, you can see the welcome centre. You can use the welcome centre to configure, customize, and update Windows vista.

vista welcome centre

This is the entire process to setup Windows Vista. I hope that the instructions here is clear enough to help you install the Windows Vista even you never try to install any versions of Windows before.

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