"How to Upgrade to Windows 7 From Windows Vista OR Windows XP?"

If you wish to upgrade to Windows 7, you need to know the existing operating system that are installed in your PC or laptop.

Of course if you upgrade from Windows Vista, there will be a lot easier than Windows XP. Anyway, here I will guide you upgrading on both earlier versions of operating system to Windows 7.

Windows Vista Upgrade to Windows 7

If you are currently running Windows Vista (with Service Pack 1), you can upgrade to Windows 7 directly from within Vista.

Simply boot into Windows Vista desktop, insert the Windows 7 DVD installation disc, and run the installer (normally auto-run). You will see the following screen:

Windows 7 autoplay

Double-click the Run Setup.exe from the AutoPlay menu. Then, follow the step on how to install Windows 7.

Windows XP Upgrade to Windows 7

Windows XP users will need to install a fresh copy of Windows 7. We called this clean installation.

Although Windows XP users cannot upgrade directly to Windows 7, Microsoft provides the Windows Easy Transfer utility, which allows you to easily transfer your old computer's (Windows XP. Vista or 7) settings and files to the new Windows 7.

To launch the Windows Easy Transfer utility, log in to Windows XP desktop, insert the Windows 7 installation DVD disc to your DVD drive, and navigate to the \support\migwiz folder. Double-click migwiz.exe to launch the Windows Easy Transfer utility.

Windows easy transfer utility

Follow the instructions on the screen to save the settings to another computer via a cable or network, or save them to a hard disk or USB flash drive.

Windows easy transfer method

When Windows 7 has been installed, you can run the Windows Easy Transfer utility via Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Windows Easy Transfer. Follow the online instructions to copy the saved settings onto the new Windows 7 installation.

You can get a copy of Windows 7 at special price here.

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