The Windows 7 Start Menu Commands and Descriptions

The Windows 7 Start menu provides the starting point for almost all the applications. Just click on the Start button and you will see the Start menu.

Windows 7 start menu

The Start menu is divided into two columns left and right, allow you to open/start a program, open a document, change a Windows setting, find a file, display support information, and so on.

The left column of the Start menu is separated into two lists: pinned items above the separator line and most frequently used items below.

The pinned items remain on the Start menu while the most frequently used items change as you use programs. Windows 7 keeps track of which programs you use and displays them on the Start menu for easy access.

The right column of the Start menu provides easy access to folders, games, control panel, devices and printers, help, and shut down functionality. The top right side of the Start menu indicates who is currently using the computer (displayed the name).

The bottom of the start menu contain instant search box, which allows you to search the Start menu to find programs and other Windows items, such as Internet favorites, history, files, contacts, e-mail messages, and so on.

As you type, the Windows 7 Start menu shows the possible results organized by type with the number of matches as shown below:

Windows 7 search function

The following table describes the Windows 7 Start menu command and it functions:

Command Description
All Programs Opens a list of all the programs included on the Start menu
Search box Locates programs, and other Windows items, such as Internet favorites, history, files, contacts, e-mail messages, and appointments
User name States the computer user name, the name chosen during the installations process
Documents Opens the Documents folder, where you store and manage files
Pictures Opens the Pictures folder, where you store and manage photos, images, and graphic files
Music Opens the Music folder, where you store and manage sound and audio files
Games Opens the Games folder, where you play Windows 7 games
Computer Opens the Computer window, where you access everything from the disk drives and other hardware devices
Control Panel Provides options to customize the appearance, settings and functionality of the computer
Devices and Printers Opens the Devices and Printers window, where you can display and manage currently installed devices, such as monitors, printers, and faxes, and add new devices
Default Programs Displays the Default Programs window, where you can choose default programs for web browsing, e-mail, playing music, and other activities
Help and Support Displays Windows Help topics, tutorials, troubleshooting, support options, and tools
Shut down Exits Windows and turns off the computer
Shut down (right arrow) Provides options to switch to a different users, log off, lock, restart, or set the computer to sleep or hibernate mode

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