"Windows Vista Edition - Discover the Pros and Cons of Each Version of Win Vista!"

If you are using Vista now, do you know which Windows Vista edition that you are using? Or maybe you are confused by the different versions of Windows Vista? This article can solve your uncertainty.

Here's the rundown on the five core versions of Vista:

1) Windows Vista Home Basic
This edition offers only basic features for home users. It's designed to run on entry-level PCs and doesn't have the Windows Aero interface, doesn't support creating video DVDs, and lacks Media Center features. It is missing more as well, such as mobility features, and it doesn't support Tablet PCs.

2) Windows Vista Home Premium
This is the replacement for Windows XP Media Center Edition. This has Aero and supports all of the multimedia Vista features, such as creating video DVDs, slide show creation, and the Windows Media Center. It supports basic networking and wireless networking, but it doesn't have network administration tools, or wireless networking. It also doesn't have the Encrypting File System (EFS) or image-based backup.

3) Windows Vista Business
This version is aimed at users in small to medium-size businesses. It includes Windows Aero, supports Tablet PCs, and has most other Vista features. But it doesn't have a variety of multimedia features, such as the capability to create and burn video DVDs. It does, though, have a variety of features aimed at IT staff, such as wireless network provisioning capabilities, Remote Desktop connections, image-based backup, and other network administration features.

4) Windows Vista Enterprise
This one is targeted for large businesses, and only businesses that have Microsoft Software Assurance or a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement get this version. It offers everything that Windows Vista Business does, and it supports BitLocker Drive Encryption, which encrypts your entire hard drive in a way that makes it impossible for anyone stealing your machine to access the drive, even if they install the drive in another machine.

5) Windows Vista Ultimate
This is the most complete version as it has all the features and tools in every other version of Vista. Hence, it's the most expensive (and hardware intensive) edition.

Note: There are actually eight Vista versions. The remaining three versions will be sold only outside the United States. The Windows Vista Starter edition will be sold only on low-end PCs in emerging markets, and two "N" versions of Vista are required to be sold in the European Union.

With this, I hope you know the pros and cons on every Windows Vista edition. For average users, the Vista Home is adequate and for more advance users, you can go for Vista Ultimate that offer more functionality and also most expensive. Vista Ultimate is the best Windows Vista Edition.

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